Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage Door & Wall hanging

New garage door has been installed! It is automatic door so no need to get out of the car to open the garage door! Hooray! We like this old carriage style. Looks like it opens left and right but noooo. It opens vertically!

Another addition to the house is this beautiful wall hanging. We had 5 th anniversary of wedding this year which is "Wooden marriage" in traditional anniversary so had been looking for some thing wooden. もうひとつのウチの新参者はこの美しい壁掛け。結婚5周年を迎えた私達は伝統の結婚年にそってギフトを買っていますが、今年は木製の物。

We looked in Thailand, antique stores, craft shops and we finally found one we liked! It is beautiful hand carved wooden piece. It is also BIG. 日本やタイ、こちらでも骨董屋さんなどをずいぶん長い間探しましたが、やっと見つかった。ずいぶん大きいんですよ。

How big? どのくらい大きいか?

this big!! このくらい!!