Sunday, May 09, 2010

Breaking concrete

Steven succeeded in cutting concrete yesterday so now time to break them. We borrowed a jackhammer from our kind neighbor and here he goes. Again, I am amazed by his remarkable abilities to get things done. I always hesitate doing (even it is something I don't have to be involved) something new. Not Steven. He is always confident about what he is going to do even if he hasn't done before. Of course he plans very well and investigates before hand but most of it came from his father who does EVERYTHING by himself. When his father showed his patio, kitchen, windows, sun room , garage in his house which he made, I couldn't believe he did all those because everything looked professional...Like father, like son.

Measuring to make sure he did right.

In spite of the hideous noise and dust, inside the house is peaceful :) We got a sweet pea at farmer's market this morning. ひどい騒音と埃がする一方、うちの中はおだやか。今朝ファーマーズマーケットで買ったスウィートピーがかわいいでしょ。

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