Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The last day in Tampa

Sine the sky was so blue and gorgeous, decided to be on a small hotel beach before going to the airport. (good that I brought two bikinis because the one I used yesterday is still wet.) 空がとても青く美しかったので、飛行機の時間までホテルの小さいビーチで過ごしました。(水着を2つ持ってきてよかった。昨日のはまだ乾いてない。)

The book for this trip was "eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Wanted to read it before the movie with Julia Roberts comes. Great book. There were a lot of things I can agree on her thoughts ... like about "God"...not gonna tell you what it is here :)
この小旅行用に買った本はElizabeth Gilbertの「eat, pray, love」ジュリアロバーツ主演の映画が来る前に読んでおきたかったから。いい本です。彼女に同感するところ多し。特に「神」に関しての考え。何なのかなんてここでは言わないよ~。

Before leaving the hotel, I HAD to have my last crab fix at the hotel restaurant. Crab cake open sandwich. Yummy.
Aquaknox Lounge at Westin Tampa Bay
7627 W. Courtney Campbell Causeway