Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moroccan Chicken with Preserved lemon

The presereve lemon I made 2 weeks ago is ready to use so I made Moroccan Chicken using this recipe. As the recipe says, I discarded the meat of the lemon and used only peels. I tasted one and it was salty but had some deep taste. Mmmmm.

Rubbed a lot of spices (paprika, cumin, ginger, tumeric, cinnamon, and black pepper) on the chicken and matinated for one hour. The one we had in Morocco came with potatoes, Zuccini, and carrots so I added those veggies, too. スパイス)パプリカ、クミン、生姜、ターメリック、シナモン、黒胡椒)をチキンにすりこみ、1時間漬けておきました。モロッコでいただいたチキンにはポテト、ズッキーニ、人参がついてきたので、それも足しました。

Look at this! Looks like authentic Moroccan Chicken, doesn't it? Well, tasted, too :) The preserved lemon added very interesting texture and flavour to this dish and we really enjoyed it. 見て見て!本家本元のモロッコ料理みたいでしょ。いやあ、味もそうでしたよ。塩漬けレモンがめづらしい舌触りと風味をプラスしてくれてそりゃあ、もうおいしかったこと。
Served with Cous cous and some spice holder from Morocco.