Sunday, May 03, 2009

Painting a new house 2

OK. We need to have a GOOD breakfast to do painting on Day2. We went to Bill's Cafe near our new home and had great pancakes. They are fluffy and have great texture. Top right is chicken apple sausage. Oh, it was so tasty!
OK. ペンキ塗り2日目を始める前にがっつり朝食を取らなくては。"腹が減っては…”でしょ?新居の近くに見つけたBill's Cafeでパンケーキをいただきました。ふわふわでしかも引きが強く、うーんおいしい。右上のはチキンアップルソーセージ。これもなかなかのお味。
Now, get to work! As same as primer, we needed to cut in first. Wait a minute, is this color OK? Looks so bright orange and I don't like this color :(

I am smiling in this picture but crying inside. "I wanted chic color. I don't like this 'sweet carrot' color. I don't even like carrots!!"

Steven: "Don't worry honey, it will be good. Wait till 2nd coating gets dry. It will be much darker color."
Me:"I cannot wait that long....."

Steven:"Hang on, honey. I am speeding up!"

And he was right. After the second coat, the color gets darker and I LOVE it now! I cannot wait to take the blue tape off tomorrow!

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