Sunday, May 17, 2009

Philadelphia Trip 2

We had family gathering BBQ party today. Mom, Frank, Steven's brother David, his wife, Ann and our nephew Michael came and had a fun time.
家族が集まってBBQパーティー。お母さん、Frank, Stevenのお兄さんのDavid, 奥さんのAnn, そして私達の甥のMichaelが来て楽しくすごしました.

Mom brought this cake for our and David and An's wedding anniversary. Our anniversary are close so we celebrated together. What a surprise! She is sooooo sweet! Thank you very much, Mom! お母さんがこのケーキを持ってきてくれました。私達とDavidとAnの結婚記念日が近いので一緒にお祝いというサプライズでした。とてもやさしいお母さん。ありがとう!

Click the picture to enlarge. Steven and Dad are trying to start fire.
お父さんとStevenが火をつけているところ。 お父さん:どうした、大丈夫か?

The fire is on and Steven is grilling the hamburger he made earlier. They were so tasty! Make some at home, honey!

We had a great time with family. Wish we lived closer to them so that we could do this more often. とても楽しい一日でした。私達がもう少し近くに住んでいればこういうことちょくちょくできるのにねえ。

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