Saturday, May 09, 2009

Moving to our new home

We moved! Hired two guys and took a whole day to move but we did it! Steven is driving 17 feet moving truck and we thought this is enough but noooooooooooo. We needed second run to finish moving. We had more stuff than we thought we did.

This is before and after pictures of living/dinning area. The green ones are "before". Don't you think ours is much better? :)

The white Ikea furniture they had are all gone! Looks nice, isn't it?

The moving in a hot day needs a cold Korean noodle. We have good restaurant near us. Ohhh, it was so good we will sure come back soon. 暑い日の引越しには冷たい韓国麵。近くにとてもいい韓国レストランがあります。すごくおいしかったので又、近いうちに来ること間違いなし。
We love our house more and more every day. We keep finding something we like all the time!