Sunday, May 24, 2009

Door Wreath, base board, and raised flower boxes

We have a VERY productive three day weekend of Memorial Day.
I made a door wreath and go well with our entrance.

I also made two pillows for the bench at an entrance.

Repainted the window frames, added a base board...

What should we do with this small area by the house? These stones get hot and make the house hotter in summer...Steven said" I have an idea! Let's go to Home depot."

My convertible car works like a pick up truck, doesn't it? We went to Home depot three days in a raw. The place is our dating spot now. Anyway, Steven started making something...

Wow, it was a flower box! He made two flower box and put the stones in them. Oh my husband is so smart! :) Isn't he?
He worked his ass off in the hot day and exhausted but this is the last scoop of the stones. Almost done!

The beer after hard work is something, isn't it? (that I heard because I don't drink beer. Mine was a cherry coke on the left.)

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