Sunday, May 31, 2009


We found Cheesesteak shop in our neighorhood and it is a REAL Philadelphia thing!
We tried Hoggie, 9th St Italian and it was great, just like we had in Philadelphia! (but Steven said "pretty close") We will try cheese steak next time.
9th St Italianというホギーサンドイッチを食べました。フィラデルフィアで食べたのと同じ味!(でもStevenは「かなり近い」という評価)次はチーズステーキを試したい。
1411 The AlamedaSan Jose, CA 95126
(408) 286-5626
Speaking of Philadelphia, I made beer bag for Dad in Philadelphia. When we visited him last month, he carried beer cans in one hand and grab the hand rail with the other hand to move them from his basement. I thought he could use this bag to carry things when he climbs the stairs from the basement. I bought a pillow case with cushy material and cut the end for handles, sewed here, folded there and....
Dad's beer bag is done!
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