Saturday, May 02, 2009

Painting a new house 1

Why am I cleaning a wall on a ladder?
Because we are moving in to a new home!

The original living room has green walls and white furniture we don't really care so decided to change completely. First, took out all the white furniture. Steven is unscrewing bolts.

After uninstalled the furniture.

Then we taped every edge to protect from being painted. After that, we primed with gray. Steven is cutting in before using paint roller.
そして全ての縁をテープで覆いペンキがつかないようにします。その後、灰色の下塗り用ペンキを塗ります。Stevenがしているのはcut inといってローラーで塗る前に細かいところを先にブラシで塗る作業。

Primer is done! We did it with two coats to make sure the original color doesn't show on the new color. Now we needed to wait till the walls gets dried so it is done for the day. We almost worked for 10 hours and exhausted! We will be back tomorrow! 下塗りが完成。下の緑色が透けて表面にあらわれないように下塗りを2回しました。これが乾くまでまたなくてはいけないので、今日はこれでおしまい。10時間近く働いていたので二人とももうクタクタ。又、明日戻ってきまーす。

While we were painting two friends and three neighbours stopped by to say hi. How nice! We cannot wait to move in. ペンキ塗りをしている間に、二人のお友達と3組のご近所さんがよってくれました。何ていい人達!引越してくるのが楽しみです。