Monday, May 18, 2009

Philadelphia Trip 3

The hamburgers Steven made yesterday were so tasty so Dad wants some more to keep in his freezer. Here is Burke & son hamburger factory. Dad and Steven are goofing around for pictures. Guys, don't play with food!

Dad also made Irish Soda bread. He forgot adding sugar but I thought the raisins made the bread sweet and tasty. お父さんはアイリッシュソーダブレッドも作ってくれました。お砂糖を入れ忘れたと言っていましたが、レーズンの甘さが十分なので私はおいしいと思ったけどなあ。

He has a huge yard and we enjoyed his nice lawn. 大きな庭があり、きれいな芝生をエンジョイしました。

I liked the area he chops fire woods. I paused for the picture and Steven said " Ah, honey, it is wrong tool!" Oh, I don't care...
We talked, laughed and ate pound cake a lot! It was a great long weekend.

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