Thursday, December 23, 2010

Philadelphia - Christmas decorations and movie

Do you remember the big Christmas tree at Dad's house? Well, I decided to make some Christmas decorations using the brunches from the tree. When I decorated our house, I hated the fake brunch garland but here, I can use REAL leaves/brunches as much as I want since the tree is humongous.

I connected some brunches and made a long garland. I also attached some pine cones on it. Looks nice, doesn't it? 枝をつなぎ合わせて長いガーランドを作り、松ぼっくりとリボンをつけました。いい感じでしょ。

Some other stuff, too...こういうのもね。

In the afternoon, we all went to see "True Grit". I thought it was a bang-bang cow boy movie but it was not. The little girl who was one of the main rolls in this movie was a great actress. Loved the story and the characters of the three main rolls. This is a remake of the movie with John Wayne in 1969 and I want to watch the original, too.
午後にはみんなで映画「True Grit」を観に行きました。ただのカウボーイ映画だと思っていたら違った。メインキャラクターの少女が実にいい味を出していました。ストーリーラインもよかったし、メインの3人のキャラクターもよかった。これは1969年作のジョンウェイン主演映画のリメイクらしいから、オリジナルのも是非みたい。

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