Friday, December 31, 2010

Progressive Dinner 2010

Year-end progressive dinner is the second time this year. Our neighbors got together and started at Tom's house for Appetizers. Paul&Heather also made great appetizers. We drunk, ate appetizers but need to save some space for next course!

OK, the first shot is in front of the host house. Say"Appetisers!":)

We left the first house little earlier than other people because next part is our Salad&Soup course. OK, ready to start for our part at Jill&Bob's house!!

I made green pea soup from French laundry cookbook with a twist. People liked my soup a lot! Glad they did! Green pea+mushroom+cheese crisp+truffle oil and this combination is GOLD! I would do this again. It was not difficult either:) Jill's salads were great, too.
私はFrench Laundryのレシピをちょいとひねったグリーンピースのスープ。みんなから絶賛され大成功!グリーンピース+マッシュルーム+チーズクリスプ+トリュフオイルは黄金の組み合わせ。又、作ること間違いなし。難しくもないしね。Jillの2種類のサラダもあー、おいしかった。

Now second shot at Soup & Salad house!

Main dishes were served at Dawn and Bill's house. Ada's famous Lumpia were yummy as usual. Bill's Pot roast had cumin, cinnamon, and olive+caper topping. WONDERFUL! They cooked this for three hours in the oven! The mashed potato was great, too!

Third shot at third house. Thank you for the main dishes!

Cheryl & Brett hosted dessert course. Cheryl's desserts are always great. The wonderful bread pudding is not on the table yet but ohhhhh, that was gooooooooooooood. The Rum sauce with dried fruit was a nice touch!

Last group picture at Dessert house!

It was around 11:30pm and waiting for midnight to open the Champaign.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1......
Happy New Year!!!!

Cheers! かんぱーい!
(Photo by Thomas)

and fire works. (photo by Thomas)

Our nrighbors are such a grea people AND great cooks!! What a nice way to end and start the years.

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