Sunday, December 26, 2010

Philadelphia - Country Deli & Ridley Creek Park

Next morning of Christmas day, we were drinking coffee or latte and relaxed...and then Mom said, "Look out the window!!" There were two deer running across Dad's back yard!!! Wow, there is a wild life here!! They were jumping and running very fast so couldn't take any pics BUT I did see them!!!! So don't look for deer in the pics below because there are none...Hope I can see them again....Wow, Deer in the yard??!!! How great is that? When I cook or do dishes, I just look up for no reason, and I could see deer from a kitchen window!!!??? It is amazing! From MY kitchen window in CA, all I can see is damn squirrels!
We went to Country Deli for breakfast. We come here often because the food is good and the people here are super friendly and nice. Steven and Dad always order scrapple which we cannot get in our area. 朝ごはんにCountry Deliに行きました。Philadelphiaにくると必ずここに来ます。食べ物は素朴でおいしいし、スタッフがみんな親切でフレンドリー。アットホームなレストランです。Stevenとお義父さんは必ずスクラップルという薄いパテのようなものを食べます。西海岸ではあまり見かけないのでStevenには故郷の味なのかな。

The weather report said the snow is getting heavy this afternoon so Mom & Frank left before the traffic gets a mess. They need to drive 2 hours to get home. Drive safe! See you soon!!!

Now, Steven and I went to Ridley Creek State Park where Steven used to go a lot when he was a kid. Ohhh, snow is getting thick! さてと、Stevenと私はRidley Creek State Parkへ行きました。ここはStevenが小さい頃よく来ていた場所。あああ、雪が積もってきましたよ。

Wait for me, Steven!!

We saw a ruin of an old house. The snow started covering the brick walls. I wrote "Snow!" on the snow...silly me...
The snow is piling up on a big tree trunk and it looks like Buche de Noel with powder sugar. Yum, yum...

My "cashmere" gloves (Thank you, Sumiko san!) kept me warm and the green color and red color of my coat are Christmas colors!

One day late but....

The ground was frozen and look at these layers of ice....

Well, the snow is getting serious....time to leave.

Old stone house on the way back. It may have been a barn...

I was so excited to have snow and may have acted like a kid. We don't see snow often and NEVER in Bay area so let me be like a kid :) I wanted to make a snow man but the snow is too powdery to form so made little guys. Ah, now I remembered when I saw snow last time. I did the same in Athens.
Snow man tomorrow!!

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