Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Philadelphia - Country Deli & Lily

OK, this is a perfect day for making a snowman because it is sunny and the snow is melting a little bit on the surface.

What a beaaaaaautiful day! The air is crispy and no wind. The snow looks shiny and whiter with the sun. 何て美しいんでしょ!空気が澄んでいて風がないのでいい気持ち。太陽の下では雪がキラキラと輝いてより白く見えます。

First of all, we need to eat a good breakfast so we decided to go to our favorite Country Deli. Before we leave, do some little work on the driveway which we shoveled away the snow.
まずは腹ごしらえにいつものCountry Deliで朝食を食べましょう。でも、車出すまえにドライブウェイをちょっときれいにして。昨日完璧に雪かきしたので、簡単簡単。

The houses on the road looks nicer with snow. I love this red house. It looks great in the snow. Almost makes me think that the owner of the house painted red because it looks cute in the snow.
It is a game day for Eagles so a lot of people were wearing team shirts. This little supporter has a jersey!! Dad was looking at the menu and said, " I should order something different because I always order scrapples." and when a waitress took a order, he said "Scrapple, eggs and whole wheat toast, butter on the side." Dad, it is exactly the same you always order. :)

Father and son talking about the politics and environmental problems...Yeah, sometimes but most of the time they tell funny stories and make me laugh. A lot!

When we were back home, his neighbor left a message saying we can go see his new puppy today. He got a 6 week old Labrador Retriever! I was about to make a snowman but nahhhh, I can do it later. Nothing comes before little puppies!
家に戻ったとき、近所の人からメッセージが入っていて、「今、家にいるから子犬を見たいなら来ていいよ。」とのこと。その家には生まれて6週目のラブラドル リトルバーが来たばかり。雪だるまを作るつもりでしたが、そんなのあと、あと。子犬に勝つものはないからね。

When we got there, Lily was sleeping under the Christmas tree. Ohhhhhhhhhh, soooooooo cuuuuute!!! Sleepy puppy is licking Dad's finger. 私たちが行った時、Lilyはクリスマスツリーの下で寝ていました。ひゃああああ、かわいいい!眠たそうな顔でお義父さんの指をなめている。

I must have been annoying while I was there because I kept screaming "Cuuuuute! OMG, Cuuuute!" きっと、私はその家ですごくうるさかったと思う。「いやー、かわいいいいい。かわいすぎる~。」って語彙の少ない子供のように叫んでいたから。

She likes biting...She bit Dad's hands, my coat, and Steven's head. Such an energetic puppy. (Well, most of the puppies are...) Her coat is so soft and fluffy....By the way, do you like my new hat? I made it!

Ohhh, I want to take you home.....

(in our house in CA)

Sorry, Sophia and Lucy...but Lily was incredibly cute!! Oh, well...I make some snowmen...