Monday, December 27, 2010

Philadelphia - Snow fun

When I woke up, the snow covered everything....of course dad's driveway, too. Steven takes a sigh and looks for a snow shovel. Ohhhh, are we going to shovel snow??? Steven used to do this when he was a kid but it is new to me.

I borrowed Dad's snow boots and ready to go!

Well, first 1o minutes was fun but it took a long time to shovel a lot of snow like this. We did good and now we are not trapped! Dad's driveway got clean and snow free!

I saw deer tracks in the back yard. They were here!! I found some under the window. They came very close to the house!

We tried making a snowman but the snow was still too dry and couldn't make one so I did other snow fun such as....eating snow with espresso, and making a snow bunny...and...

...making a snow angel!!! This is the first time in my life! Well, we don't do this in Japan and I have only lived in snowless Bay area.

What? You cannot see the angel?

here you go!!

After this, we stayed home because it was VERY cold. Nice to stay in the living room with a fire place. By the way, these are dad's serious firewood making tools, an ax and a log splitter machine!

Again, snowman tomorrow!

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