Monday, November 01, 2010

East Coast Trip - Philly 3

We are staying at Dad's house now. This enormous tree was the Christmas tree when Steven was a teenager. Dad planted it here and look how big this became. It was only his current height at that time.

We come to this breakfast place often. They serve good egg dishes and we always get liverwurst which we don't see much in CA. It is liver pate/sausage and they slice thin and saute it and usually serve with eggs.

Country Deli
1176 middletown road,
Gradyville PA

Dad's place is huge. Steven always says, "Good that we don't have a big yard like Dad's. I don't want to cut grass everyday!" お義父さんのところは庭も家も広い。いつもStevenは「ウチはお父さんのところみたいに広い庭じゃなくてよかったよ。毎日芝刈りしなくちゃいけないもん。」と言ってます。

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