Saturday, January 01, 2011

Osechi - Japanese New Year dishes

We stayed up late last night with our neighbors so had Osechi around lunch time. Osechi is Japanese traditional New Year's dishes. Since we were in East Coast till 29th so I did light version of it this year. Oh, excuses, excuses...

From left, mashed sweet potato (green color is macha), candied small fish, vinegrated fish+fish roe, sweet black beans, flower shaped cut Daikon radish, miso marinated chicken, smoked salmon salad, and fish cake. The black lacquer wooden dish makes my food look good, doesn't it?

When I said, "I make only light version this year." Steven asked,"Are you making the soup?" Yes, honey. I made your favorite New Year's soup, Ozoni. Daikon, rice cake, Shiitake mushroom, fish (Chilean sea bass which is definitely NOT traditional for this soup), plum shaped carrot, Mizuna green and shrimp in Dashi broth.

Otoso (Spiced sake) got gold leaf this year! Looks gorgeous.

The big hit in this year's osechi was black beans. I settled with ones from Hokkaido because Tanba (in Kyoto)beans were sold out! When I bought this at Japanese market, the lady next me said, "Ohhhh, Tanba beans are out???? Well, this Hokkaido ones doesn't look too bad." I agreed with her and said," Yeah, I guess we need to try these this year." and we smiled and grabbed a bag of Hokkaido bean each other. Hope the lady liked this because I liked it!

Papa and Grand-ma shared the dishes, too.

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