Monday, May 31, 2010

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater beach was very beautiful. The water was emerald blue (and warm!), the sand was white and wind was warm. We were mostly reading books under the umbrella but enjoyed the blue sky, wind and the warm air. I LOVE BEACHES!
Clearwater ビーチはとてもきれいでした。海はエメラルドブルーで水温も高いし、白い砂浜、気持ちのいい風…と最高。ほとんどパラソルの下で本を読んでいた私達ですが、青い空と風を満喫しました。ビーチ大好き。

The restaurant there had a live music. We needed to drive back so had a mango smoothies. Delicious! How many shrimps and crabs did we have since we got Tampa? The answer: "A LOT."

Crabby Bills

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