Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staining the fence

Well, I cannot cut nor break concrete with the scary tools but I CAN stain the fence! It took me three days but now we have dark colored nice fence.

I did all the work with my injured knee. I FELL DOWN when I was running the other day. I tripped over the crack of the pavement :( It was so embarrasing but nobody was around. Good thing I ran very early in that day. 負傷した膝をかかえてのお仕事でした。この間走ってる時に転んだんです。歩道のわれめにつまづいて。とっても恥ずかしかったけれど、誰も見てなかったのが救い。あの日朝早く走っといてよかった。傷が痛くて足が折れないので変な格好です。

Worked up an apetite. The Nagasaki crispy noodle with veggie gravy and lotus+carrot salad was gooooood ! 力仕事(?)でお腹が空いて、長崎皿うどんとレンコンとにんじんのサラダがおいしゅうございました。

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