Friday, May 07, 2010

Chiku Chiku Sale

Look what I got at Chiku Chiku Sale today! Blue and white ceramic plates and...
念願のChiku Chiku セールで買ったもの。青と白の陶磁器プレートと…

Konahiki ceramic bowls. I love this grayish white color. I have just fell in love these plates and bowls and couldn't leave without them. 粉引きの中皿。お向こうにぴったりのサイズ。このグレイがかった白さがいいなあ。このお2人の作品に一目ぼれをして買わずには帰れなかった。
Before I used these bowls, I put them in a pot of rice water and brought it to a boil. This is to seal the surface of the bowls and prevent food stains. Couldn't wait to use at dinner.
Chiku Chiku Sale is a craft sale held by a group of talented Japanese ladies in the Bay Area. I missed the sale two years ago but made it this time.
Chiku Chikuセールはベイエリアのアートの才能にあふれた日本人女性のグループが行うセールです。2年前にあったときに行けなくてとても残念だったので今回、願いが叶いました。
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