Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tampa FL Trip, Ybor City

We are in Tampa, Florida. I joined Steven who was there for his biz trip and first place we went was Ybor City. It was founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers and was populated by Spanish, Cuban, and Italian people. One of the interesting things we learned in the info center were they had lectors sitting on a tall chair in the factories. The workers in the factory got educated while making cigars. They also had a health care program and...women got hired with the same pay rate as men! It is VERY amazing that it happened in 1880s considering it was only 1985 they started do the same thing in Japan! 100 years later....
フロリダのタンパに来ています。Memorial Dayの3連休なので、Stevenも出張先で暇しているということでお呼びがかかり、夕べ遅くににジョイントしました。最初に行ったのはYbor City. 1880年代に葉巻工場の開業でできた街で、スペイン人、イタリア人、キューバ人の移民が多く働いていました。インフォメーションセンターで学んだことで興味深かったのが、工場には講師がいて背の高い椅子に座ってレクチャーをしていたそう。だから工場の労働者は葉巻を作りながらそれを聞いて多くのことを学んだんだって。ヘルスケアシステムをしっかりしていた上、何と女性も男性も同じ賃金で働いていたんですって!1880年代にそういうことが起こっているなんて。日本なんて1985年ですよ。男女平等に支払われ始めたのは。この差100年!

Me : "So what's new in the newspaper today?" I made a new friend.

We picked a Cuban restaurant for lunch. Pork with black beans was good with Sangria.

Columbia Restaurant
2117 East 7th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-4961

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