Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rio de Janeiro 2

It was very sunny and clear this morning so we went up to the roof of the hotel.We were able to see the Two brother mountains (forgot theportuguese name) and Corcovado(the hill with the Jesus) very cleary and were very beautiful!! The coast line was amazing...

So after the breakfast... 朝食の後…

what I did was... 私のしたことは…

Laying on the beach! ビーチでリラックス!

When you are on the beach here, a lot of vendors come to you. Some people find it is bothering but I enjoyed it!From the left top in the picture... ビーチにいると実にいろいろな物売りの人達がやってきます。人によってはうるさいというけれど私は楽しいと思う。下の写真は左の上から…

Two brother mountains...they are just there quiet and don't try to sell anything.
Ball guy
Ice tea guy (looks like beer kegs but they are tea)
drink and snack guy
pie guy (these pies are very tasty)
pareo and bikini guy
misanga (thread bracelet)guy
sunglass guy
accesorry guy

パイ売り (チキンパイとかおいしい)

If you don't want them to come, you can just pretend you are sleeping...But it is fun looking or trying them. 欲しくなければ眠ったふりしてもいいけど、見るだけでも楽しい。

Beautiful beaches...I walked on the beach listening bosanoba from my ishuffle for a long time.There were some spots that no people around so I sang loud :)Well...downside of this was my ear phones got some sands inside and now I have wierd buzzing noise...oh well.
きれいなビーチ…ishuffle でボサノバを聞きながらビーチを長い間歩いて見ました。人が全くいないスポットでは大きな声で歌ったりして。でも、ビーチでishuffle を使っているとイヤフォンに砂が入るのが困る。雑音入りで音楽を聞く羽目に。まっいいか。

The dinner was at a restaurant close to the hotel.When we saw the menu, we thought the each dishes were a little more expensive than other reatsurants and there was a reason for that. They are all family size dishes!Well, we couldn't blame on the waither who didn't tell us anything but we shouldn't have ignored the part said "individual" (again it was in Poruguese so we were not sure what it was.)We ended up having a huge amount of food on the table!! (these are just a small part of the dishes) 夕食はホテルの近くのレストランで。メニューを見た時に他のレストランよりちょっと高めだとは思った。それには理由があったのです。私たちが頼んだのはファミリーサイズのお料理だったの!ウェイターが言ってくれなかったのも悪いけど、メニューの後半に「アラカルト」的な意味のセクションがあったのにポルトガル語をよく理解できず、無視した私達も悪かったかな。テーブルいっぱいの大皿がならぶはめに。ほとんどのレストランには英語メニューがあるので、頑張らないでリクエストしましょう。写真はほんの一部です。

"Oh, my gosh, honey! Look at these huge dishes. What should we do?"
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