Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Japanese breakfast 和朝食

Japanese breakfast 和朝食

  • Miso marinated cod (たらの味噌漬け)

  • Venegrated carrot and Daikon + sesame(にんじんと大根の酢の物ごまかけ)

  • Pickled Kabu radish (カブのお漬物)

  • Miso soup with Tofu and seaweed(お豆腐とわかめの味噌汁)

  • steamed rice(白飯)

This is not our typical breakfast but the marinated cod and pickled veggies were ready to eat on the same day and it motivated me to make this.


This is a lunch for another day. Cannelloni beans, chicken and other veggies tomato stew+couscous and dried cranberries