Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rio de Janeiro 1

So we left Athens where still had left over snow and arrived at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where you don't want to even see or touch the sweaters we were wearing in Athens.
The first lunch here was Tenzaru (Tempura+cold soba noodle). When we saw the Japanese restaurant in 90 degrees hot, we thought it would be a great idea to have cold soba there and we did it! It was so much tastier than we thought it would be. アテネを出た後に着いたのはブラジルのリオデジャネイロ。アテネで着てたセーターは触るのはおろか見たくもない暑さです。最初のランチは天ざる!30度の暑さの中で日本料理のレストランを見た時、「冷たいお蕎麦なんていいねえ!」でした。意外にもこのお蕎麦がゆで加減もよくおいしかったんです。

Next day, after the brunch, we walked along the beach and found a band playing Brazilian jazz and bossanova so we sat down and listened to the music, watched people+dogs going by, and had Brazilian drink, caiperina. The music was very tender to the ears and relaxed with sound effect of the tide behind them. What a wonderful way to spend Sunday afternoon in Rio!

We also enjoyed the Sugar loaf Mountain been hid and appeared from clouds while we are listening to the music.