Friday, February 22, 2008

Athens 6

Two weeks has passed and we are leaving Athens today. The last thing I am showing here is Greek national bread Koulouri. You see a lot of street vendors for this around the bus stops, stations, parks anywhere people get together. It is only 0.5 Euro which is less than 1US$ and people eat it on the way.

...and this is the WRONG way to eat Koulouri so don't. You break the bread in small pieces as you eat. If you eat like me, Greek people would laugh at you or they think you don't know the etiquette. We really enjoyed here in Athens. All the ancient temples and buildings made us feel we are time traveling. We were so moved by the fact that we were standing there to watch the treasures which have been passed for 2800 years ago. Enjoyed unexpected snow...(we actually had a small snow ball fight!), great food and world treasures...Only we missed was Aegean islands because of the weather so we need to come back here in summer!

We are not going home but going to the next destination. It is going to be a lot different from Athens...アテネ出発後は家に帰るのではなく次の(Stevenの)出張先へ。今度はアテネとずいぶん違う所です。