Sunday, January 06, 2008

Paris 4-sick days

Oh my gosh! It was terrible! I had a bad stomach cold and stayed in the bed for 5 days. Had a high fever and my stomach was angry all the time. Steven joined me for a few days with his food poisoning!! (we think it was sea urchin he had at a Japanese restaurant) We now have 4 different kinds of French cold and stomach medicine. あ~ひどい目にあいました。お腹に来る風邪をひいて5日間もホテルのベッドに寝てました。高熱が出てお腹が大変でした。Stevenは二日間だけジョイント。風邪ではなく何と食中毒でした。(日本食のお店で食べたウニが悪かったのだとふんでいます。)おかげで4種類の風邪とお腹用の薬があります。フランス製よ!