Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 16 in Japan-Osaka food

We stayed in Osaka for four nights because it is very convenient to go to Nara and Himeji by Shinkansen from there. So we came back to Osaka every evening, had dinner and went back to a hotel to sleep. 新幹線で奈良や姫路に行きやすいように今回は大阪に宿泊しました。毎晩大阪に帰ってきて夕食を食べ、ホテルへ帰って休むという感じ。

Here is a very flowery wall in a shopping mall BreezeBreeze close to our hotel. They have a giant marionette (3 street high), Bri chan and it moves in a certain time in a day. We were happen to be there for the movement but he only raised his legs and arms a little bit. Not a big deal. By the way, I look exactly the same in the pictures of this trip. It was too cold to take off my coat and hat. ここはホテルの近くにあるブリーゼブリーゼというショッピング街。3階まで届く巨大なマリオネットのブリくんがいて、決まった時間に動くのだけど、手足をちょっと上げるくらい。ちょうどその時間に居合わせましたが、何てことないスローな動きでした。お花畑のような壁がとてもきれいだったので写真を撮ってみました。それにしても今回の旅行中はことごとく同じ格好の私。寒くてコートも帽子を脱げなかったの。

Here are the dinner we had in Osaka
Dinner 1:Sumi de yakunen
The name of the restaurant means"Grill with charcoal" in Osaka dialect. One of my friends introduced this restaurant to us and it was very good! We grilled food on the table by ourselves. I liked fatty mackerel, lotus roots and sweet potatoes.
Dinner 1:炭で焼くねん
Summi de yakunen
1-6-27 Sonezaki Shinchi 2F
Kitaku, Osaka City

Dinner 2:Chibo
Okonomi yaki (Japanese savory crepe) is different in Osaka. You can add some tasty beef cartilage! We ordered some Gyoza and salad, too. We love Okonomiyaki. A lot of Okonomiyaki places make you cook on the grill on the table by yourself but not in Chibo. Professionals cook a perfect Okonomiyaki for you.
Dinner 2:千房

2-5-25 Umeda Harpis Osaka B2
Kitaku, Osaka City

Dinner 3:Chikuyo Tei
We wanted to compare the BBQ eel at Imase in Beppu with somewhere else in Kansai (West Japan) area. We don't like Kanto (East Japan) way to cook eel differently so no point doing in Kanto area. It was good. Tasted great but we didn't like the texture as much as Imase eel. Our best BBQ eel is still in Beppu.
Dinner 3:竹葉亭

Chikuyo Tei
1-1-43 Sonezaki Shinchi
Kitaku, Osaka City

Dinner 4:Tsurontan
We went to this place twice out of 5 dinners. We like noodles very much and this place is a special Udon noodle restaurant. I liked their cold udon with salted sakura blossom. The noodle has great bouncing texture and the soup is great, too. Wish they opened the restaurant in US...
Diiner 4:つるとんたん
大阪での5回の夕食のうち2回行ったくらいのお気に入り。麺類大好きな私達には麺類専門店はパラダイス。 USにいい和麺類のお店がないということもあるけれど。冷たいおうどんの上に桜の塩漬けが乗っていてなんとも春らしい。もちろんしこしこの食感とお出汁の効いたおつゆ。あー、USにも開店してくれたらなあ。

1-1-19 Sonezaki Shinchi
Kitaku, Osaka City

Before we left Osaka, we bought some lunch and got on the Shinkansen to Tokyo. 東京行きの新幹線に乗る前にランチを買って乗り込みました。

Buta man (pork dumpling at 551 Horai) and Tako musubi (octopus dumpling on rice cake). Both are just GREAT!! 551蓬莱の豚まんと駅のたこむすび。何とたこ焼きがおむすびの上にのっているの。このままでおいしかったけど温めたらさぞおいしかっただろうなあ。