Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 3 in Japan-Kamakura

Why am I riding a bike? どうして自転車に乗っているのでしょう。

Because we biked in Kamakura! それは鎌倉でサイクリングをしたからです。

First, we went to Hokokuji aka Bamboo temple. Look how beautiful their garden is!

Walking through camellias and bamboos ...竹林と椿の間を歩いていって…

There is a tea serving place. We had Matcha tea watching a beautiful view of bamboo, Sakura and a waterfall. お茶席があったので、竹林と滝と桜を見ながらお抹茶をいただきました。

They have tombs of Ashikagas in a cave. 洞穴には足利一族のお墓があります。
Lunch was Tempura soba in downtown Kamakura. Tasty!

We biked to Kencho Ji, too. We loved the old temple buildings.

After that, we went to a few other small temples and got tired but it was a very nice day.

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