Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cirque du Soleil on Girl's Day

This was my third Cirque and had been looking forward to it since I got the tickets. This is also Valentine's Day gift to Steven which I can also enjoy! :) :) 私には三回目のCirque。チケットを取った時から楽しみで仕方がなかった。これはStevenへのバレンタインプレゼント(私も一緒に楽しめる。うふふ。)でもありました。

This yellow and blue tent always raises my heart rate quick. So exciting!!

In the tent. テントの中。
When we entered, a big ovo welcomed us. We are not allowed to take pics during the show so no more pics and won't write anything about the story or performance here for people who will see this show in the future. H0wever I want to say "Cirque didn't disappoint me again". The Brazilian theme music was great, too. 中に入ると大きなOvoが迎えてくれます。ショーの間は撮影禁止なのでこれ以上写真はありません。今から観に行く人のためにも内容も書きませんが、本当によかった。ブラジルチックな音楽もさらにすばらしい。

Well, you can see a trailer here if you want a little taste.

Oh, before we went, we had Girl's day dinner. Look how big the clam is! We had real wasabi, too. 行く前にひな祭りディナーもしましたよ。本物のわさびも手に入り満足。それにしてもこのはまぐり大きいでしょう?

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