Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 4-6 in Japan-Beppu

In Beppu. Ryoko also came back home and she is practicing to wear Kimono. She has been taking class for this in Tokyo so she claimed she can wear this by herself. Well, she actually did! Mom is a teacher at home and she is giving Ryoko some advices to do better.

Akiko has a week off so we three can have fun together!

One day, it was very warm so Akiko, Steven and I decided to walk to the junior high we went. It is very hilly road but has a beautiful view and a lot of Sakura trees. I didn't notice this path is so pretty when I went to the school. I just hated my heavy bag full of text books and multiple dictionaries when I climbed this hill.

One day, we went to Dad's cemetery to clean and arrange flowers. After that, we needed to stop to Imase for BBQ eel. Steven cannot leave Beppu without visiting this place. Oh, it was very delicious as usual. We will try this in Nara to compare this since Nara has some famous shops for this. 別の日にはパパのお墓のお掃除とお花をあげに行き、その帰りにいま勢でうなぎをいただきました。Stevenはここにこないことには別府を後にできないほどのファン。いつもながら、すごくおいしかった。奈良にも有名なお店があるそうなので、比べるために行く予定です。

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