Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 13 in Japan-Katsura hama & Ryoma in Kochi

Last day in Kochi, we needed to go to Katsura beach where Ryoma Sakamoto loved and the place has his statue. We bought some danish including a hat bread and brought them to our bus to Katsura Beach. They also has colorful street cars for downtown trip. I used to ride this type of street car with Mom when I was a kid.

The beach was beautiful but would have been much better if it was a warm sunny day. We walked fast to see his statue, ran into the Ryoma Museum. The highlight in this museum was the screen with blood spots which was from Ryoma when he was killed. Ohhhhhhh...scary....

When we came back to the Kochi Station, there was a pavilion showing Ryoma and they had a place you can BE Ryoma. Made Steven great Ryoma. (Note:He is putting his right hand in the Kimono. This is Ryoma's signature pause.)

See, it was the same pause with real Ryoma.

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