Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 11-12 in Japan - Kochi castle

Going to Kochi by Shinkansen. I like Ekiben (lunch box sold at train stations) and had to buy it when I ride trains. This time I got Daimyo dochu kago bento at Kokura station. This lunch box has a shape of Lord carriage and the long skinny box (suuposed to be a handle for carriage) has chopsticks inside! Steven's lunch was Katsu sand (Fried pork sandwich) and beeeeeer. It is something special for him to buy beer from vending machines or carts in trains and can drink anywhere even in public.

We changed trains at Okayama to go to Kochi. This train goes through Seto Big Bridge which connects Shikoku (the smallest island of four main islands) and Honshu (the biggest island) and rivers and mountains. Very pretty.

In a cold rainy day(next day), we went to Kochi castle and it was special for us because we liked the TV drama "Komyo ga Tsuji" and its main character, Yamanouchi Kazutoyo built this castle in 1600's. Couldn't stay there long because it was so cold and Steven's cold was getting worse.

While Steven was sleeping, I enjoyed hot springs in the Inn. This place has sauna, water bath, waterfall bath, big bath and outside bath! I can easily spend a few hours here. I talked to an old lady in the bath and she told me a good restaurant for dinner. There is an old gate which was used by Lord Yamanouchi and a beautiful garden but I was not so interested in checking out in the cold rain.

By dinner time, Steven got better so I took him to Tsukasa restaurant which is in business for 80 years. We wanted to try Sawachi Ryori which is a lot of different food served on a big plate. While we were waiting, we were goofing off taking unfocused pics of each other and our camera battery was dead just before the food arrived!! Since we couldn't take any pics of this wonderful food, the one in the picture bellow is from their website. I think our food had more varieties than the pic. There were more than 10 kinds of food including pressed sushi, tempura and everything. We finished the food because we were hungry without lunch and the waitress was very surprised with the empty big dish.


Tasted soooooo good. おいしかった!

1-2-15 Hariyama Cho
Kochi City, Kochi