Sunday, February 01, 2009

You can become like Obama!

This is an iconic poster that was used for the election. Designed by and very impressive poster.
これは去年の選挙の時よく目にしたShepard Faireyというアーティストのポスター。とてもいい。

Now you can be like him at this site. Upload pictures and adjust the balance of the three color. My picture came out good! Kibou=Hope.

Steven's is also nice with his secret nickname, Stee. :) StevenのもなかなかSteeは彼の秘密のニックネーム。:)

We try to eat healthy so one night, we had only roasted veggies-cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, french potatoes and brussel sprouts. We love sweet potatoes a lot. They are sweet and tasty and also rich in Vitamin C! なるべくヘルシーな食生活をするように心がけています。ある日はこのようにローストしたお野菜の夕ご飯。さつまいも、芽キャベツ、小さいポテト、人参、カリフラワー。さつまいもがあまくておいしい。ビタミンCが豊富らしいのでなおさらよろし。

Next day of the healthy dinner, we had "all you can eat hot pot and BBQ". We had hot broth and regular broth in a divided pot in the center. There is a grill part around the pot and you can BBQ on it. What a concept! It was a lot of fun to cook on the table. そんなヘルシーな夕飯の次の日はお鍋+焼肉バッフェへ。まんなかのお鍋は辛い/普通の2種類のスープになっていて、そのまわりで焼き肉ができるというよくばりな仕様。食べながら作るのって楽しい。

(All the pics are from Yelp. 写真は全てYelpから)

Hot pot City

Address : 500 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA.95035
Telephone : 408.428.0988

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