Saturday, February 07, 2009

Japanese food and Takoyaki

Japanese food day. We had Tuna&Natto, Grilled Hamachi kama(meat around color bone of Yellow tail )& grated daikon, pickled veggies, stewed burdock & carrot (no pic) and brown rice(no pic). I am so glad that my American husband likes daily Japanese food like Hamachi kama. It smells strong so many people don't like it. This one had a lot of fish fat so was juicy and tasty.

Another Japanese daily food, Takoyaki. I purchased this Takoyaki pan for only $3 from a Japanese lady who prefers electric one. I cut octopus and green onions, mixed flour and broth and poured it in the pan. "Oh, it looks and smells gooooood!" I thought. もうひとつ日常の和食、たこ焼き。何と$3でこのたこ焼き器を手に入れたの。電気たこ焼き器のほうが簡単なのでこれはもういらないという日本人の女性から買いました。たことおネギを切って、小麦粉とだしをあわせて、たこ焼き器に流し込む。「あ、いい感じ、においもいいなあ!」と思った。

But...  でも…

They didn't get cooked! I was sitting by the pan for 20 minutes and the dumplings were still runny. I managed to flip them but the shape was terrible. Steven said "They are good!" but I knew he was being nice. I thought "Man, this $3 pan doesn't work. That's why that lady wanted to get rid of this!!" and I thought again "Maybe the heat was too weak?" I was standing and staring at the pan holding my flipping tool.
Then... すると…

The cup I mixed egg in came into my sight....."Oh, I forgot adding eggs!! "

After I added the egg, the takoyaki pan worked like a charm! Sorry, takoyaki pan and the lady who sold it to me! I blamed on you, guys but it was my fault. The takoyaki with egg were VERY good. I just wished that I could have had them before I have eaten a dozen of failures...

These are radish leaves I am drying in the kitchen. It will be a good ingredient for miso soup.

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