Monday, February 09, 2009

Hina dolls

I displayed my hina dolls for Hina festival. I am supposed to do this every year but I couldn't last year because I was in Rio. :) They have been nice and quiet in the box. I uncovered the dolls one by one and felt like I heard my mom say "Don't touch the dolls' faces!". That's what she said every time we did this in Japan. My fingers may dirt their pure white faces so I was careful this time, too, mom.

Princess:"Whew, now I can breath. What is Mikako thinking? We've been in the box for 2 years!" Sorry, princess.

Now everybody is out and happy. They are sunbathing. Princess:"I am sure sunbathing in Rio is much better than this!" Me: I said I was sorry!!
さあ、みんな箱の外に出て幸せそう。日光浴をしています。お雛様「ったく、リオの日光浴はこれよりずっとよかったんでしょうね。」 ちょっと、ごめんって言ったじゃない!

Girl A:"How have you been?" Girl B:"I've been OK. I was just missing the sun."
Girls, it was only 2 years and you have sleeping hair, girl A.

Here!  ココ!

Girl C:"You haven't called me or emailed me for long time. Don't tell me you don't have Internet at home." BoyA:"I was busy...."

5 musician boys started a practice session. 5人囃子は音あわせを始めたようです。
"One,, two, three, four..."♪♪

Now everybody is in the place. Good looking, guys!

Well, they are on a rack in the living room so cats cannot get them.

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