Thursday, February 26, 2009


Have been attending a watercolor class once a week for 3 month. I took some art classes in UCSC and Cabrillo College when I was a full time student and I loved them. I wanted to start again and now drawing once a week! This is my latest work, peony. I picked a difficult subject as a beginner. The teacher looked at my peony sketch and said, "Oh, you are ambitious!" but she liked it when I was done. I just wanted to draw something I really like.

I also did trees, water fall, and door, too. Three more classes to go. 他には木、滝、ドアなども描きました。クラスはあと三回で終了。

Now, this is the meal I had before I went to the class. Chinese green+ground chicken +onion+shrimp sauté. さて、これはクラスへ行く前に食べた、チャイニーズグリーン(細いブロッコリーみたいな野菜)+鶏ミンチ+玉ねぎ+海老のソテー。
Lunch next day, natto daikon soba. 次の日のランチは納豆と大根おろしのおそば。

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