Sunday, September 04, 2011

12mile Run and Summer Vegggie Garden Party

Less than one month to my next half marathon. I ran 12 miles at Stevens Creek Trail with my running group, BAJR. I thought I coudn't make it but the team members cheered for me and yes, I did 12 miles (well, it was 11.6 actually)! Thank you guys!! The pace was 9:32. If I can keep this pace, I could finish the half marathon in 2 hour 4 mins!! I may be able to make a personal record?!
次のハーフマラソンまで、一ヶ月を切りました。それで今日はランニンググループのBAJRの皆さんとStevens Creek Trailを12マイル走りました。最後はきつくてもう止まりそうになりましたが、みなさんから支えられ、ゴール!ありがとうございました!ペースは9:32/mile。もし、このペースが保てれば2時間4分くらいで完走できるの。もしかして今回は個人記録をぬりかえるかも…よ。皆さんと走るようになって速くなりました。うれしい。

We also had a neighor's party this evening. It was Summer garden veggie party. Everybody made something using their veggies from their gardens! What a great idea! I made noodle salad with our garden tomatoes, green peas, shimeji mushroom. The sauce has sesame, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil. It was nice cold dish for a summer day like today.

There were pizza, tomato+mozzarella cheese, pies and more! We enjoyed all the veggie dishes.

We enjoyed a lot!


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