Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trivet and pizza

We got a very nice gift for our new kitchen. Beautiful trivet. Love the blue color and lacy design. It is too pretty to keep in a drawer so I hang it on the wall. Wow, so nice. The blue tile above the gas range linked to this. LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Sumiko san and Bruce!

Steven made another frame for me so I cut my favorite antique wrapping paper I bought at the antique market 2 years ago and glued them. The sun flowers are from farmer's market.
Stevenが又、フレームを作ってくれたので、 2年前に行ったアンティークマーケットで買った古い包装紙を切って並べて見ました。ひまわりはファーマーズマーケットから。

I made a pizza with Momotaro tomatoes from our garden. Other ingridents were mushrooms, onions, prosciutto and cheese. Mmmmm, good. The basil is from our garden, too.

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