Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mountain View Obon Festival

Went to Obon festival in Mountain View. This is the only time we wear Yukata (Japanese summer kimono) so need to take a picture.
Mountain Viewのお盆祭りに行ってきました。こんな時しか浴衣着れないからね。ちゃんと写真もとってと。

I tied my obi (sash) differently this year. It is called Miyako Musubi. The old coral hair piece is from my mom. Love this dark color. I also made a bag with Chrysanthemum print fabric for Yukata.

A shot with Taiko drum. Ohhh, very festive! Steven is happy with Japanese beer. He looks nice in Yukata and with beer. Doesn't it look like a beer poster?

See? Looks nice. Click the pic to read the fine prints.

Here is the Japanese version :)

The food there was OK. The one in San Jose Japan town we went to last year was much better...

We bought a big Shiso (Japanese basil) plant!! Now we can enjoy them all summer!!