Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Alameda Antique Fair

We went to the famous antique fair in Alameda. I woke up my sleepy husband at 6am on Sunday morning and drove around an hour to get there. The pictures below are from Yelp. I was busy looking at the items so didn't have time to take pictures. We also had the huge hot dog for breakfast like the one in the picture.

It was paradise to me since I love flea markets. They have more than 800 booths and they have good stuff. We spent almost a half day there and enjoyed finding treasures. We were looking for a mantel clock and a console table for the entrance of our house. We couldn't find the perfect piece because we were very picky. Well, we are not hurry. We will wait for the perfect ones. However I found something else.

Woven trays and long basket with wire handle. I am going to use the long basket on the mantel since we couldn't find a clock. :) put some flowers or something to decorate the mantel.

Old wrapping papers...very beautiful! I will make cards or book covers or just wrap gifts.

I liked this antique market very much. I want to come back maybe a few months later.

The Alameda Antiques by the Bay
The first Sunday of every month
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