Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dinners and snack

Some of my Japanese friends think I am cooking American food all the time since I live in US and have an American husband. Noooooo, I cook Japanese/Asian food 50 % of the meals. Tonight we had steam eggplant with black sesame sauce and Shiso, Gyoza, pickled vegetables and braised Okra, Tofu, bean curd and Tofu. I loved the pickled zucchini ! My kind neighbor brought some from her yard. Fresh and organic! Nothing better than that.

The day before yesterday, I made roasted veggies...

and roasted pork tenderloin with balsamic vinegar sauce. Good that it has been cool enough to use oven last a few days.

Here is one more baking. Oatmeal bar with chocolate and caramel. Wrapped them using cotton yarn for a gift. そしてもうひとつオーブンで。オートミールバー、中にキャラメルとチョコレートがはさまっています。コットンの毛糸を使ってギフト用にラッピングもしました。
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