Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kitchen is 99.5 % done!

We have some space at the entrance of the kitchen. I was hanging some herbs like this. Lavenders on the yellow wall is very Provencal, isn't it?

Well, we wanted to something more to this space so we made shelves! As usual, I painted them and Steven mounted them on the wall. Good team work. T-E-A-M, team!!

Look how nice they are!! I put some antique kitchen tools I bought at the antique fair at Candlestick park. Some Japanese vases, too. いいでしょ?Candlestickの骨董市で買った古いキッチン道具などを飾りました。日本の花瓶とかもね。

Steven decided to have professionals to do molding. Our house is old and some parts are not straight so it is hard to work on sometimes. Now, we have beautiful crown molding! I made a small curtains and they look good!

Kitchen is 99.5% done! We love our kitchen! The espresso machine in the picture is new. The one we used to use made a great coffee but made a big mess on the stove and we don't want that on our new stove.
これでキッチンの99.5%ができあがり。かなり気に入っています。写真の中のエスプレッソマシーンはおNew. 前に使っていたやつはおいしいコーヒーができるのですが、ガスレンジをひどく汚すのです。それは新しいレンジには勘弁ということで、マシーンを購入。

So you stay there, old espresso machine. Take some rest.