Saturday, June 11, 2011

Japan 4 : Dad's Memorial Day

The main reason I came back here was that June 11 is my father's 17th memorial day. This is a miniature version of the meal for dad. All veggies and no fish or meat. You cannot use even chicken/fish broth for the soup. Strictly vegetarian. Came from Buddhist monk food...I think. Each bowls is only 2 inch diameter.

Before our monk came, Takefumi headed to the mountain where my father passed away. He always climbed the mountain on this day every year, rain or shine. Mom wants him to join our prayer but I guess this is his way to pray for father. Well, even our monk said "That is fine! He can join us when he cannot climb anymore." I like our monk!! Girls are staying home and taking some goofy shots.

Ryoko is saying, " I cleaned this pond yesterday!" and yes, she did. Good job, Ryo pon!

This was after the monk left. Girl's picture!

My camera has a 10 shot self timer so we had some fun.

When Takefumi came home, my aunt Ajiko came by to pray so another picture! Thank you Aunt Ajiko for coming for our dad.

This was my last day in Japan so took a lot of pictures. This was in the back yard of Akiko's place. 今日は日本滞在最後の日なのでたくさん写真を撮る。これは亜紀子宅のお庭。

---and this was the best shot of 10 shots. Great time!
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