Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Japan 2: Days in Beppu

I stayed at Mom's place in Beppu for long time, 10 days. During the time, I had mom's home cooking, met my old friend and cousins, helped mom to organize her closet, watched Japanese TV programs and so on...great times.

This is my dinner in one of those days. Mackerel cured between dried kelp overnight. Ohhhh, the good flavor of kelp got to transfer to the fish and make fish translucent.....

This is an Italian dinner I had with my friend from high school. Forgot to take pics of main dish because we were too busy talking....the last time I saw him was 20 years ago! No wonder we had so many things to talk. Thank you Isayama san to take me to this nice place.
Toshin 塔真
1-3 Ogura Beppu

One day, I was craving for sweet and sour pork so we went to a Chinese restaurant. The pork was good there but I had tofu noodles for the first time and it was great! No, no. Not noodle with tofu. Noodle made OF tofu. I think I saw those noodles at a Chinese supermarket near my stuff to cook!

This is a role cake which made a huge hit in Japan. They are sold at a convenience store, Lawson! You would not believe how good the food at Japanese convenience stores are. Amazing!このロールケーキは日本で大ヒット中。何とローソンの「うちカフェ」というシリーズのもの。日本のコンビニは本当に優秀。ごちそーさまでした。

Mom's neighbor gave us this brunch of loquat. Nicely arranged in the Japanese room. This neighbor is a wife of a principal from my elementary school. He passed away a few years ago but he was a very nice gentleman who was always smiling with a good posture. At night this loquat brunches came to us, I had a dream of him walking in the garden with the familiar smile....ママの隣人がこのびわの枝を持ってきてくださり、和室に美しく飾られました。この隣人は私の小学校の校長先生の奥様。先生は数年前に亡くなりましたが、とても素敵な紳士で、いつも背筋がきちんと伸びていて、静かな微笑みを絶やさない方でした。不思議なことにこのビワの枝が来た夜、先生が庭を歩いてこちらに向かっている夢を見ました。もちろん、あの微笑みで。

Pretty hydrangea in Mom's garden.

Visited my cousins' place and had red snapper sashimi which my cousin caught! Yummy!