Saturday, June 18, 2011

BAJR Party

Look at these fruits! Don't they look good?

We went to a party of Japanese runners group I have joined lately. I carved the group name on the water melon and made a basket for fruit salad to bring. Can you see the running man is laughing?

The other dish I brought was Moroccan Chicken. I know, I know, this dish is getting a little old but it was first time for these people at the party. そしてモロッコ風チキンも持って行きました。はいはい、これはもう見飽きるくらい作ってます。でもいいの。パーティーに来ていて皆さんとはお初にお目にかかるので。

There were a lot of good food and BBQ at one of the member's backyard. FUN!!

I got to hold this cute baby. She is too cute! Can I take her home?

This party was held for these three guys. The gentleman wearing a red vest and a had became 60 years old. It is a Japanese tradition to wear these for 60th birthday. Other gentlemen are leaving Bay area soon so it was a farewell for them. The cake was so cute. All the berries on it are laughing!

The party had a workshop to prevent injure for runners, presentations, and a lot of laugh.

Wow, it was a big party!! I have never seen this many Japanese people at one party in US. I felt like I was in Japan!

Of course we ran next day because it is a running group! 8am at Sawyer Camp Trail. They ran 12 miles but I did only 7.5miles. Wimpy!
もちろん、次の日にはみんなで走りましたよ!ランニンググループだもん。午前8時にSawyer Camp Trailで。皆さん、20 km走りましたが、弱っちい私は12kmだけ。