Friday, June 10, 2011

Japan 3 : Dinner at Koukiya

Ryoko and Takefumi also came home for the event tomorrow and we all went to Kokiya to have flounder dinner. This not an ordinary flounder but they are called "Shitoshita Karei/Under castle flounder". They are special ones because they live only under the castle where river water and sea water meet!

OK, what should we order? Decisions, decisions! We ordered a full course of flounder to enjoy the fish in different cooking styles.

Let's start the party! Cheers!!

The amuse bouche was flounder's eggs on a cucumber piece and flounder miso. Go well with Sake! (I was drinking Oolong tea though) 付き出しはカレイの卵がきゅうりに乗ったものと、カレイ味噌。うーんおいしい。お酒のアテだね。(って私はウーロン茶でしたが。)

Miso stuffed flounder tempura, vinaigrette flounder, deep fried flounder in sour sauce aaaaand flounder sashimi!! Notice all the food came in the flounder shaped dishes.

Deep fried bone in flounder and veggies, soy sauce braised flounder and flounder in clear soup.

Last but not least, flounder sushi !! They are all for one person so we all ate these dishes each! You think we got tired of flounder because all the dishes are the same fish. No, the different cooking method gave different taste, texture, aroma and temperature so we enjoyed each dishes till the end. This type of serving style is quite unique but you often see them in Japanese cuisine. It is called "zukushi" means "filled with" so we had flounder zukushi today. You know, a TV show, Iron chef is kind of like this. They choose one ingredient and chefs cook a full course with it. It IS "zukushi" indeed!

Family picture at the lobby of the restaurant. The right-down corner is Ryoko is goofing around the turtles at the place. Yeah, she IS my sister. I do that a lot. はい、お決まりの家族写真をレストランのロビーで。右下の写真は涼ポンがお店の亀(剥製)とふざけているところ。うーん、さすがは我が妹、私と同じようなことしてる。
Koukiya 幸喜屋
2549-2 Naka no chou Hiji machi,
Hayami gun, Oita Japan

Ryoko made a copy of one of our childhood pics. It was Ryoko's 3rd birthday and 12 year old me is wearing Peanut Tshirt!! Great picture. Our expressions are very natural and no imitated smiles. I have close sisters and brother and it is our family precept, "close family"
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