Friday, July 30, 2010

Mexican Tiles and Yellow Boy

We had been looking for colorful tiles for a small counter on the patio and found them finally! They are 4"x 4"and $4.25 a piece. I could have got Mexican tiles cheaper with less than half the price online but I have never seen these beautiful design so we decided to buy them.
The counter will be on the wall soon if Steven is able to cut the board we got straight :) :)

In the meantime, our tomatoes are doing very well. Got a big Yellow Boy tomato today! Waiting for other tomatoes to get riped. トマト畑の方は順調。今日はYellow Boyという種類のトマトが食べ頃。大きいでしょ。まだ青いトマトもたくさんあるので、熟すのが楽しみ。

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