Sunday, August 01, 2010

Yard sale and Frenchy bags

Found an antique table foot at a yard sale. We could put a wooden top and make it for a patio table. $5!!

This antique mirror is very pretty and it was only $15 so I couldn't walk away without this.

Mom sent us a lot of noodle kits. This is plum flavor noodle with mushrooms. Yummy! Thank you, Mom!! ママが色々な麵を送ってくれました。これはキノコ入り梅そうめん。おいしい!まま、ありがとー。

I made two kinds of Frenchy bags. Both of them are gifts. Pink one is for Grace who is living next door and gave her for her 4th birthday. 2種類のFrenchy Bagを作りました。両方ともプレゼント。ピンクのはお隣のGraceの4歳の誕生日にあげました。

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