Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Grandma

My dearest grandma has departed to the next place. I am her first grand child and we were very close so I had a tough time to say goodbye to her. I used to spend a lot of Saturday nights with her when I was a little. She was very sweet and let me do ANYTHING I wanted including tasting her coffee (I was not allowed to drink coffee till I was 13) so I was looking forward Saturdays staying with her and grandpa.

She was very strong and lived by herself till she was 90. She was very happy that I found my soul mate and leading a happy life. Every time we visited her, she asked me, "Are you happy, Mikako?" I answered, "Of course!" and she smiled so happily. She sometimes asked me twice in one visit. She even did from the hospital bed and smiled with content after I said "Of course!"
Thank you, Grandma for the sweetest time and your love. When I join your side, you can ask me the same question again, "Are you happy, Mikako?" Though I am almost certain my answer will be the same, "Of course!" and I will be able to see your smile again.